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I'm having some problems converting this method from c# to VB, it's working flawless in C# :

    private async void Test()
        DataSet dt;
        var client = new xxxSoapClient();

        dt = await client.ToDoAsync();

I'm using Async/await in VS 2012, and in c# it's all ok, but when trying to do exactly the same in VB it returns an error indicating that system.void is not awaitable!!!

Private Async Sub Test()
    Dim dt As DataTable

    Dim Client As New xxxSoapClient
    dt = Await Client.ToDoAsync()
End Sub

The webservice is just returning a simple datatable, ideas someone?

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The WCF proxy generator before VS2012 would generate *Async methods that returned void and signaled their completion using events. As of VS2012, the WCF proxy generator by default will generate *Async methods that return Task<T>.

Try re-generating the proxy.

If that doesn't work, check your "advanced" options for the style of asynchronous methods to create. There are three styles: Asynchronous Programming Model (APM) uses Begin*/End*/IAsyncResult; Event-based Asynchronous Pattern (EAP) uses *Async/*Completed/AsyncCompletedEventArgs; Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP) uses *Async/Task.

TAP works naturally with async/await, so that's the one you want.

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