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Adding dynamic option to JQM listview was successful in page1. After adding it, listview was refresh:


Options was linked to page2. In page2 I have pagebeforeshow event:

$('#page2').live('pagebeforeshow', function (e, data) {

data.prevPage.attr('id') is undefined when the option selected was the one added dynamically. But for the other option, no problem at all.

Why can't I get page1 id when selecting dynamically added option in listview?

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Your code should work, take a look at this example: I have recreated your case and everything is working just fine.


    $('#custom-list').append('<li><a href="#second">Link 4</a></li>');

$("#second").live('pagebeforeshow', function (e,data) {

Are you maybe trying to pass some additional data through a href? And can you show us more of your code?

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I made mistake in adding the dynamic options. thanks. –  JR Galia Dec 19 '12 at 10:52

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