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I'm working with a designer generated photoshop psd that contains various UI elements for an iOS app, and I'm slicing their backgrounds into smaller images and using resizableImageWithCapInsets for efficiency. There are a lot of them, and it's quite tedious work.

What I'm looking for is a tool that will help with this process, something like Draw NinePatch that will take a .png file, and a list of cap insets, and then spit out a smaller .png.

Anyone heard of such a thing?

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maybe you could learn to Applescript Photoshop or some other graphics tool on a Macintosh so you could automate the process somewhat for your specific purposes? –  Michael Dautermann Dec 19 '12 at 3:04

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I couldn't find anything, so I wrote a simple tool. If anyone else has this problem, here ya go:


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perfect! just what i was looking for! however since @3x images came along i tried to use it without the retina option but by specifying pixels (not points) but i when i make an image that's capped 150 from left and 50 from right, the resulting image is 402 pixels wide.. do you know why this is happening? btw i could have paid for something like this, just saying.. –  akaralar Dec 21 '14 at 22:39

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