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All , After I read This Post, I had some idea of implement user login and authentication in Asp.net MVC4. I hope someone can help to review this. Any comments or other solutions are welcome. Thanks.

Firstly,I would use a viewbag variable to determine whether it is a authenticated request in the view. the code should be something like:

<% if (ViewData["longined"] == "success")
   { %>
    //display something shows user already logged in. 

Then Implement a global filter to check authenticated user info which can be retrieve from session. If this user info does exist in session,That means the user doesn't log in. otherwise should set ViewData["longined"] == "success".

In the login action and view . I can fill the user name and password in the view, and post to an Action to validate them. If success I would store the user info in the session.

The last thing need to do is registering global filter in Global.asax. thanks.

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Is there any specific reason you don't want to use cookies, the [Authorize] attribute, Request.IsAuthenticated, etc? –  HTX9 Dec 19 '12 at 4:34
Hi, HTX9 .Any other solutions are welcome. I will up vote them. thanks. –  Joe.wang Dec 19 '12 at 4:44

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