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I am trying to implement a server that processes the request from an Iphone app. Basically I plan to use json format with http protocol. I believe there must be some existing sample/project that I could use rather than from scratch. Could anyone please give some sample links. Appreciate your help.

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Google for REST tutorial. There are more samples out there than you can shake a stick at, but you have to restrict your question: what server side technology/language do you plan to use (java, .net, python, php, ruby, turbo basic ...) – Eli Algranti Dec 19 '12 at 4:43
Hi, I plan to use java to implement this. I am trying to find a sample project with the setting (like xml config) as well. So I could start with it. – Mike Dec 19 '12 at 6:23

Please follow this link which shows a Servlet which responds with either XML or JSON reponse.

In order to create the JSON look at this post.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. Could you please help to give the whole java project instead of the single java file? – Mike Dec 19 '12 at 6:57

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