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I am creating a Class Library that builds 2 dlls into a NuGet package. It has a few references to dlls that currently do not have a NuGet package to be referenced from.

How should I make my NuGet package dependent on those dlls that are currently unavailable via NuGet?

If I bundle them up as well, what happens if a project that already has a reference to these dlls, pulls down my NuGet package, what happens to that reference?

Should I just create a NuGet package for each dll reference and make my NuGet package dependent on these?

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You can bundle the DLLs into your NuGet package with no ill effects. A project that already has those DLLs in some /libs (or whatever) folder will continue to reference them from there. Assemblies in your NuGet package will reference the bundled DLLs that are pulled into /packages.

In your nuspec file, use the <file> element to include the internal DLLs, as such:

   <file src="PATH_TO_BIN\DependencyOne.dll" target="mylibs" />
   <file src="PATH_TO_BIN\DependencyTwo.dll" target="mylibs" />

This will result in the following file structure when the NuGet package is pulled:


The target attribute can specify any arbitrary path relative to your package root.

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