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While I try to set the value of over 4000 characters on a field that has data type CLOB, it gives me this error :

ORA-01704: string literal too long.

Any suggestion, which data type would be applicable for me if I have to set value of unlimited characters although for my case, it happens to be of about 15000 chars.

Note : The long string that I am trying to store is encoded in ANSI.


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What are you using when operate with CLOB?

In all events you can do it with PL/SQL

  str varchar2(32767);
  str := 'Very-very-...-very-very-very-very-very-very long string value';
  update t1 set col1 = str;

Proof link on SQLFiddle

Thank you, but CI is not supporting these procedure stuffs stackoverflow.com/questions/13946641/… –  hsuk Dec 19 '12 at 7:00
I guess you can wrap this code in a procedure and Codeigniter can execute it. Sorry but I don't have Codeigniter for checking. Look here link –  knagaev Dec 19 '12 at 8:27
Did it, but could I define that size of varchar2, check this link, stackoverflow.com/questions/13947222/… –  hsuk Dec 19 '12 at 8:38
I don't know what I have changed somewhere, but this is working fine now. Thanks. But still I am not clear why the same thing did not work from straight query. Is it always we have to do like this for storing string having 4000 and more characters ? –  hsuk Dec 20 '12 at 4:46

What about this, I have list with 1500 int variable which I converted to string using string.join then I passed to oracle to run this SP but failed also

PROCEDURE      sp_get_invoice_list
ami_ids in varchar2,
crop_ids in varchar2,
--ami_ids in id_tbl,
--crop_ids in id_tbl,
long_ami_ids varchar2(32767) := ami_ids;
long_crop_ids varchar2(32767) := crop_ids;
    OPEN p_recordset FOR

    --select * from AMSS.AGRI_MARKETS_TRANSACTIONS amt
    --where AMT.AMI_ID in (select * from table(ami_ids))
    --AND AMT.CROP_CODE in (select * from table(crop_ids));

    where AMT.AMI_ID in ( select * from THE ( select cast( str2tbl( long_ami_ids ) as id_tbl ) from dual ) )
    AND   AMT.CROP_CODE in ( select * from THE ( select cast( str2tbl( long_crop_ids ) as id_tbl ) from dual ) );

    END sp_get_invoice_list;

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