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I am using web2py to connect to a db with an 'at' sign in the password, eg 'P@sswd' .

db = DAL('mysql://user1:P@sswd@localhost/test')

This gets interpreted as a connection to host 'sswd@localhost' using password 'P'.

I have tried the obvious URL escaping technique but this failed:

db = DAL('mysql://user1:P%40sswd@localhost/test')

Is there a resource that explains the escaping conventions used in these URL style connection strings?

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Your second example works just fine with SQLAlchemy's create_engine(). –  Blender Dec 19 '12 at 4:58

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You should use decode_credentials option:

db = DAL('mysql://user1:P%40sswd@localhost/test', decode_credentials=True)
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