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I am using a routine to populate clob data. Now I need to write this data to a file(.html) on my local machine via an anonymous pl/sql block.

  • The clob data contains data having html tags.

The code looks like SET HEADING OFF SET LINESIZE 32767 SET LONG 32767 SET PAGESIZE 0 spool abc.html DECLARE v1 CLOB; l_offset INTEGER := 1;
BEGIN proc1( v1); -- OUT parameter -- To spool data i am using dbms_output loop exit when l_offset > dbms_lob.getlength(l_clob); DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE (dbms_lob.substr( l_clob, 255, l_offset)); l_offset := l_offset + 255; end loop; END;

spool off

Doing this am able to get the content of clob in the file but the html file generated is not behaving in the expected manner( as writing 255 bytes at a time using dbms_output distorts html content ).

Is their any other way to write content of clob to a file on local machine?

Please assist.

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When you call PUT_LINE the item you specify is automatically followed by an end-of-line marker. If you make calls to PUT to build a line, then you must add your own end-of-line marker by calling NEW_LINE. GET_LINE and GET_LINES do not return lines that have not been terminated with a newline character.

Use DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT(item IN VARCHAR2) procedure

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