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Using MongoDB C# driver, seems that I'm unable to get the data by AsQueryable with setFields and Where condition only by mongo query. I fetched documents by this code

var query = _collection.FindAll().SetFields(fields.MongoFieldsBuilder).AsQueryable();
var query1 = query.Where(d=>d.Name="Ken").ToList();
var query2 = query.Where(d=>d.Age>=2).ToList();

So, when query1 or query2 executed, c# driver fetches all documents from mongo and then filters it in memory. But I expected that Where condition will be converted to mongo query with fields. Can anyone please explain how to do it correctly?

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You using .AsQueryable() from System.Linq, because of this it filter everything on a client side. But you need to use .AsQueryable() from MongoCollection to filter data in a database. This extension method creates MongoQueryable<T>.

I believe that following should work:

//or you could use your projection class instead of BsonDocument
var query = Items.AsQueryable<BsonDocument>()   
                 .Select(x=> new {id = x["_id"].AsObjectId, Name=x["Name"].AsString});
var query1 = query.Where(d=>d.Name == "Ken").ToList();


If you want use SetFields you have to use old query syntax:

_col.Find(Query<UserDocument>.EQ(x=> x.Name, "Ken")).SetFields(..). 

Also you could use SetFields without magic strings as follow:

cursor.SetFields(Fields<UserDocument>.Include(x=> x.Name, x=> x.Age))

With linq SetFields is done via Select.

Hope this helps.

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Yes, but it will be better if I can create query without magic strings or select with magic string, because I want to use mongocsharpdriver Fields builder with SetFields. – na1s Dec 19 '12 at 9:09
If you want use SetFields you have to use old query syntax: _col.Find(Query<UserDocument>.EQ(x=> x.Name, "Ken")).SetFields(..). With linq SetFields is done via Select. It seems what you want. No magic strings :) – Andrew Orsich Dec 19 '12 at 9:51
Andrew, as I wrote I want to use Linq conditions with setFields. I think is it is possible to add to mongocsharpdriver LinqExtenstion AsQueryable method with parameter IFields and it will more flexible solution. – na1s Dec 19 '12 at 10:18
No, there is nothing you can currently do. Andrew's answer above can use linq for the query (Query<UserDocument>.Where(x => x.Name == "Ken"). You can then use the fields builder to set the fields. However, you are likely using SetFields to only pull back a subset of the data. This is currently not possible with the linq provider. There is a ticket open for this: – Craig Wilson Dec 21 '12 at 14:43
What is the type of Items in your example ? I get MongoCursor, how to transform it in IQueryable ? – Jerome2606 Feb 26 at 9:41

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