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I want to use support_code to define functions that interact with nd numpy arrays. Inside the code argument, the FOO3(i, j, k) notation works, but only in it, not in support_code.Something like this:

import scipy
import scipy.weave
code = '''return_val = f(1);'''
support_code = '''int f(int i) {
    return FOO3(i, i, i);
foo = scipy.arange(3**3).reshape(3,3,3)
print(scipy.weave.inline(code, ['foo'], support_code=support_code))
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The concept of support code is mainly to do some includes. In your case, I guess the function should look something like this:

import scipy
import scipy.weave

def foofunc(i):
    foo = scipy.arange(3**3).reshape(3,3,3)
    code = '''#do something lengthy with foo and maybe i'''
    scipy.weave.inline(code, ['foo', 'i']))
    return foo[i,i,i]

You don't need support code at all, for what you're trying to do. You also don't have any speed improvement, when you try to do a function return in C instead of doing that in python, also array access is neglectable compared to the cost of the function call. To get a better idea, when and how weave can help you, to speed up your code, have a look here.

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