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Hey guys I have a JSON that will send a value of an input box over to the page after an image is clicked, it is suppose to go to a page and start a sessions var.


$('.item-post a').click(function() {
        var prodname = $('#hiddenpostitle');

                'ProdName': prodname.val()

            function(response) {


Note that once image is clicked, this should run, I do not want anything to be returned over.

Here is the .php file code:


$prodname= $_POST['ProdName'];

$_SESSION['overviewprod'] = $prodname;

Also note that this is being dev. in wordpress if that makes a difference!

Thank you for your time! :)


OVerview File:

Template Name: overview

.singular.page .hentry:hover {
color: black;
#comments {
.singular .entry-content {
width: 95%;
        <div id="primary">
            <div id="content" role="main">

                <?php echo $_SESSION['overviewprod']; ?>

            </div><!-- #content -->
        </div><!-- #primary -->

Note that this page is opened in colorbox


        $('.item-post a').colorbox({opacity:0.3, href:"../overviewa512454dzdtfa"});
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Where is the issue occurring? –  Karan Punamiya Dec 19 '12 at 6:17
Not to sure, Once I load up the other page I am unable to echo out the session variable in the overview page. –  David Biga Dec 19 '12 at 6:17
Not certain, but it may be because WordPress removes session variables if register_globals is defined - see this question –  Hobo Dec 19 '12 at 10:48

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