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I have editor that I can get it's code with js in my page and user can write his html code in it. I want show current user's html code in new window without saving the code in database or something else. How can I do that?

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hi why dont you store your values in html5 storage objects such as sessionStorage/localStorage, visit Html5 Storage Doc to get more details. using this you can store intermediate values temporaryly/permanently locally and then access your values for storing values for a session

sessionStorage.setItem('value', 'label')

or store values permanently using

localStorage.setItem('value', 'label')

So you can store (temporarily) form data between multiple pages using html5 storage objects

YOu can use the sessionstorage object to store the user's code temporarily for a session and get it on next page using above syntax

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Good thought. Feel like learning HTML5 now. Thanks! my +1 –  AYK Dec 19 '12 at 6:38
Because of some limitation on use of html5 ( most of my users use old browser and not support html5 ) I can't use this way. –  Steve M. Dec 19 '12 at 6:41
But this is best way for doing someting like this with new methods. Thanks. –  Steve M. Dec 19 '12 at 6:52
happy to help!! :) –  Neji Dec 19 '12 at 6:53

Follow steps below :

  1. On the preview page, place an IFRAME.
  2. From the first page, where user inputs HTML, set a session variable.
  3. On click of some button on first page, set the session and redirect to preview page.
  4. The preview page is supposed to fetch the session value and display it inside the IFRAME
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This might help you:

JSBin Demo

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Great JS demonstration. Real-time preview. My +1 –  AYK Dec 19 '12 at 6:40

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