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I have xampp installed on my pc, and yesterday I have installed wamp also. I have changed the Listen 80 to Listen 81 in Apache2.2 httpd.conf file of wampserver and the both localhost is running fine together. But the problem is when the wampserver is running the xampp phpmyadmin is showing error - #1142 - SELECT command denied to user ''@'localhost' for table 'pma_column_info' and when wampserver is off then the phpmyadmin in xampp is working properly.

do you have any idea to run those two different mysql server at same time?

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I think you have to change your MySQL port also. do you use any database management tool other than phpmyadmin? Check the port MySQL server is running

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I have already checked that. I have changed the port 3306 to 3307 or something like that in my.cnf file in wamp then I found the phpmyadmin wamp is showing the databases those are belonging to the xampp phpmyadmin. strange! still the problem not solved. –  Mithun Sen Dec 19 '12 at 7:49

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