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I installed Wamp server to windows XP 32-bit.

When start the Wamp server and call the localhost from the browser, the browser gives me empty an page. The same thing happens when calling phpMyAdmin page.

So I searched for solutions to this problem. I've tried to fix it but until now the problem is not solved.

About the problem that fixed it

1- UnInstall the skype . or change the port that skype used it from 80 .to another port number 2- if you install oracle to your pc . turn off the service for it 3- also if you install sqlserver . turn off the service for it

4-if the last problems and the problem of wamp server is stilling. change the port that used it from 80 to 8080 .

I do all of theses steps but the wamp server untill now not worked

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you should look for the reason WAMP is not working:

  • you do havs a 32bit OS, do you have a 32Bit WAMP? A 64Bit Version will not work

  • if you don't see anything at all of Apache running, is Apache running (Tasklist) ?

  • What about the Logfiles? I never used an Apache on Windows, Google told me your logfiles should be located at: c:/wamp/logs . Anything in there that might help?

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check the steps before you handing the WAMP Server:

  • use 32 bit WAMP server.
  • change the port no 80 to 81.
  • Stop the IIS services.
  • Start the Apache server.
  • restart the WAMP server.

use the port no in your URL.Like.

http: // localhost:81 /

now you can view the screen of WAMP server.

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Dear sir,I Test all steps as you said put not running – Gehad Alhariri Dec 19 '12 at 7:51
Unable to connect – Gehad Alhariri Dec 19 '12 at 7:52
uninstall the wamp server, then goto regitry delete the files related to wamp server apache server then restart your pc. again install the wamp server. – RaJeSh Dec 19 '12 at 8:40

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