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I have been searching forums and google for 3 hours... no luck.

I am using the Orbit Slider Wordpress plug-in, all works fine, however.

I would like to add in a function to the jQuery file that changes the background-color of a custom div I added, with ID slide-bgcolor-change. "If there is a better easier way... I'm all ears"

Here is an example of what I want my div id slide-bgcolor-change to do via js or query:

Slide 1 has background-color of black in div id slide-bgcolor-change as Slide 1 and background-color of black fades out

Slide 2 fades in with background-color of blue

... and so on, up to 5 slides

I have not done any customization yet to the original files. To view the files I am working with go here.

Please Help.

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