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I want to assemble ".smali" and make new ".apk" in android application. I don't have so much time to do this so I have to use some source code that already exists.

There is Apktool project which can build on Windows/MacOSX/Linux, but I want to build it on Android.

I also tried to include the "apktool.jar" as an external library in an Android Application Project in Eclipse, but failed.

after some research, it seems more clear that I need only the following two projects running on Android:

(1)Smali (independent project) (2)JarSigner (from OpenJDK)

and, Apktool is not necessary.

This project has what I need:


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JRE 1.6 (Java Runtime Environment)
aapt command in a PATH basic knowledge of what is SDK, aapt, PATH, smali and Google search engine may be useful

This is get from the apktools official website. Because it need aapt, so it seems quite hard to use apktools in android app. But if you can get the source code and compiled in aosp environment, could possible make it can run in android side.

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yes, aapt is needed and it's written in C. – Jake Dec 21 '12 at 4:30

yes,there is a program also named apktool but which runs on android!just have a look at http://code.google.com/p/apktool

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