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My question relates to programmatically writing to a Sharepoint list field of the type "Note". Reading from the field is straightforward.

//Retrieving the list row
SPListItem baseItem = baseList.GetItemById(itemId) as SPListItem;  

string value = Convert.ToString(baseItem["NameOfTheNoteField"]); 

But then I try to write to to a Note field;

SPListItem item ...;
item["NameOfTheNoteField"] = "MyValue";

It results in the following error:

Value does not fall within the expected range ...

What does the Note field expect if not a string!?

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Is NameOfTheNoteField the display name or the internal name? –  Steve B Dec 19 '12 at 8:20

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You actually shouldn't think of it as a Note field, but a SPMultiLineText field.

To update it you first need to get the current value and edit that - also you shouldn't use Convert.ToString() with it but GetFieldValueAsHtml or GetFieldValueAsText. Ultimately your way of setting the value should have worked. Value does not fall within the expected range could also be coming from somewhere else - e.g. you are not using the correct name of the field and hence item["NameofNoteField"] is throwing an error. Try to debug it.

Taking your example and updating the current text in the field:

SPListItem baseItem = baseList.GetItemById(itemId) as SPListItem;
SPFieldMultiLineText mlfield = baseItem.Fields.GetField("NameOfTheNoteField") as SPFieldMultiLineText;
string fieldtext = multilineField.GetFieldValueAsHtml(item["NameOfTheNoteField"], baseItem );
//or use GetFieldValueAsText
fieldtext += "I am the update of the text";
baseItem ["NameOfTheNoteField"] = fieldtext;
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