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I need to integrate YouTube API into my GWT web application. I need to make YouTube API calls such as the following:

In order to circumvent browser's same origin restrictions, the calls have to be CORS calls.

How can I make these YouTube API calls from my GWT web application? A small code sample would be greatly appreciated.

Note that I have tried using YouTube Direct Lite, but it seems it doesn't allow setting developer tags, which is crucial for me.

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As stated above, I have tried YT Direct Lite API. Additionally, I have tried making CORS calls from GWT client-side, but to no avail. Thus, I ask those with experience in the area whether they were successful and to share their code if so. –  XiX Dec 19 '12 at 9:59

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YouTube has provided a sample showing how YouTube API CORS calls should be made:

You can integrate the JavaScript from the sample into your GWT app using GWT's JavaScript Native Interface (JSNI):

Note that the sample JavaScript uses XMLHttpRequest which is not supported by some browser versions:

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I haven't used the YouTube API personally, but from what I can deduce from the API, you essentially need to accomplish three things

  1. Make HTTP POST request calls via RequestBuilder in GWT as outlined here
  2. Create and parse through XML
  3. Make use of FormPanel with a FileUpload Widget to handle the actual file upload

What I linked, which provides some good code examples, should certainly help you make the API calls in GWT as required by YouTube. To make the HTTP calls CORS, see this SO post.

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