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I am trying to switch to a New window which gets displayed when I click on the Debt Pricing Template. But I am unable to do that as a result of which I am not able to proceed with further scripting... The problem is I am not able to know what should I pass in the switchTo.window() because Pricing Approval Gateway window displays and following is the HTML for the new window:

<*h1 class="pageType noSecondHeader">Pricing Approval Gateway<*/h1>

Following is the code:

LoginPage2.driver.findElement(By.linkText("TEST ORG")).click();

System.out.println("3.Select Dept pricing template button from the organization detail page.");


System.out.println("User should able to navigate to Dept pricing template and template display few question, user have answer these question for further navigation.");


LoginPage2.driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(100, TimeUnit.SECONDS);


Please advise what needs to be added?

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I never used it because in my tests I am not using any new windows, but this should help:

Set<string> handlers = driver.getWindowHandles();  
 if (driver.getWindowHandles().size()>= 1){  
   for(String handler : handlers){  
    if (driver.getElement(By.tagName("h1")).contains("Pricing")){  
      System.out.println("Get focus on Popup window");  
 else System.out.println("No windows founded!");  

I am not quite sure with the h1 approach. So if it does not help, try before opening new window storing current window to String:

String mainWindow = driver.getWindowHandle();

Then click the link (or do something else as you are doing now) to open new window. Then to switch to the new window:

 Set<string> handlers = driver.getWindowHandles();  
 for (String handler : handlers){
    if (!handler.equals(mainWindow)){

And then to switch back to original window just do:


Ofcourse the driver variable is expected live instance of WebDriver

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Hi Djangofan, I tried the same its not working kindly help... I am stuck with this issue – user1834699 Dec 28 '12 at 5:19
HI Pavel The same is not working.. – user1834699 Dec 31 '12 at 4:51

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