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I have a basic question, might be it is so obvious but for some reason i can't seem to be successful with installing and using Code Contracts.

I've downloaded the package from MSDN, installed it following the online documentation but i still get an IDE warning for the below code statement:

Contract.Requires(inputParameter != "");

the IDE warning is:

"Method invocation is skipped. Compiler will not generate method invocation because the method is conditional, or it is partial method without implementation"

Anything I'm missing in the process of enabling Code Contracts? I'm using VS2010 Ultimate SP1

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Maybe this can help: stackoverflow.com/questions/3461972/… –  Adrian Faciu Dec 19 '12 at 8:53
@AdrianFaciu: Thanks, the post explained the reason and its solution is working for me. Simply define CONTRACTS_FULL on the project preprocessor definition, as the Code Contracts plug-in seems not working properly. –  NirMH Dec 19 '12 at 8:59

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Most likely this is due to Code Contracts not being configured in the project settings. If you go to your project properties, you should see a Code Contracts tab. On the tab, select the mode you are building in (Debug|Release|Both) and then turn on Code Contracts features by checking the appropriate check boxes.

I've seen the warning that you detail when Code Contracts are not set to Build.

If you don't see the Code Contracts tab, then you might need to install Code Contracts on your machine. Do this by downloading and installing the installer from here.

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