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I have a question concerning combine datas from 2 repositorys in asp / mvc.

I have 2 repositories, for example, UserRepo and InvoiceRepo.

Now I want to create a query that contains user data and invoice data (for example: All users with address and data from the last invoice).

What is best way for doing this?

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Why do you have to do it with one call?

var users = userRepos.GetUsers();
var lastInvoices = invoiceRepos.GetLastInvoiceForAllUsers();
var usersWithInvoices = (from x in users
                         select new UserWithInvoice(x, lastInvoices.First(inv => inv.userId = x.Id);

That will be two SELECTs and must easier to understand.

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Please note, that this may be loading whole tables from db, depending on implementation. Will be tricky if paging is required (not mentioned in question, though) – Jakub Konecki Dec 19 '12 at 10:40
If paging is required simply pass a int[] userId to the GetLastInvoiceForUsers – jgauffin Dec 19 '12 at 10:53

You can extend an existing repository (probably InvoiceRepo) with a method that performs a join and return all the data you need.

InvoiceRepo.GetUserInvoices(userId) sounds like a sensible option.

This is a common problem with repository pattern - finding a proper repo for your method.

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