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I have successfully plotted a line between some random co-ordinates on Google Maps for Android. But as I can see Public places such as Transport utilities (Metro stations) and other important roads are not being displayed. Now to add to this problem I got confused when I read this post.

So, I guess that I am probably using Native SDK's Google Maps (importing com.google.android.maps.MapActivity; and have mentioned <uses-library android:name="com.google.android.maps" /> in the Application's Manifest file) that too I am testing my app on Android v.2.3.3 (both on emulator and on HTC Desire S with 2.3.3).

Do I have to set any Map View flags in the MapView Controller to display the important roads, public utilities etc? What am I missing? Any advice will be appreciated.

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nvm guys..I have been passing wrong co-ordinates.
Actually not completely wrong, but the format in which they were passed was wrong.

28°28'46"N (Lat) 77°4'47"E (Lon) is same as 28.4795 (Lat) 77.0800 (Lon) But not 28.2846 77.0447


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