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I have a module which creates a kthread. I want this kthread to record some statistics, then yield the cpu. It will record statistics when it runs again. What is the correct way to do this? Is


the right way to do this? (It seems not to do what I expect)

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If I correly remember Linux kernel have a yield() function that can be used to voluntarily pass processor control to some another thread in the system (kernel will decide itself what thread will be running next). Some notes:

  • You need to call yield() from the context of your thread.
  • You needn't to invoke scheduler explicitly after that. yield() code will force rescheduling by itself.
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Commenting on an old thread, but hopefully it will save someone from making this mistake: If you read the comment in core.c, it says: "* Do not ever use this function, there's a 99% chance you're doing it wrong." You should use cond_resched() instead... –  John Feb 12 at 21:27

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