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Im just getting into Global.asax and the way to do url routing in WebForms. Here Im having a bit of a conflict with my default.aspx and my other files.

I want all my files to have the friendly url ie. etc and Im achieving this by doing:

routes.MapPageRoute("root_pages", "{file}/{*action}", "~/{file}.aspx");

by this I can write into and have a default action if I want. But then my conflict occurs between my default routing:

routes.MapPageRoute("default", "{*action}", "~/default.aspx");

I also want to access some action on my default.aspx - but it seems I cant when Im doing it like this?

It will pick the file line and go with that, so I cant do which is a function on my default.aspx page, it will ofcouse look for a file in this case.. Is there any other way to do what I want? So I can use both routes?

Hope you can help me out

Kind regards

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It will always take the first route and go with it. In your case, it will look for logout.aspx which doesn't exist. The only option is to use the URL

We can consider this as a limitation of URL Routing in WebForms.

You can check my blog series for URL Routing in Web forms at following URL.

There are more articles in this series.

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