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I am writing a script to checkout data from an SVN repository. The URL is


There is a folder under passport on this non-local URL which I need to exclude from checkout viz. Data_backup (Folder name to be excluded).

SVN checkout command used is

svn checkout --username ab230141 --password Table717 http://subversion-practice.sweng.xyz.com/cvn/repos/ps/passport >> C:/svn_log.log 2>&1

Can someone please help with the commands I could use for this ?

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You can use Sparse Directories. You need svn checkout --depth empty followed by few svn update --set-depth infinity commands for the children. It's pretty well explained in the linked manual. I guess the deeper the excluded folder is in the tree, the more update commands you need.

Alternatively you can first checkout the whole tree and then run svn update --depth exclude for the folder you want to ignore.

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Thanks for the link to Sparse Directories. I had heard the name of the feature before, but I'd wouldn't have guessed it meant a subset of the hierarchy. –  Iain Elder Sep 30 '13 at 14:25

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