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After doing a:


How can I remove any previous setting files? The problem I'm having is I have a function where the user can reset his/her own data using:


However on the next start of the application, since the old user settings are still there it will be upgraded again.

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How do you keep user.config settings across different assembly versions in .net?
seems to be what you are looking for.

So use Upgrade, UpgradeRequired=true or false, and Save : it would be quite long to explain all cases, but it is in fact quite easy to figure out what to do.

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This doesn't solve the issue though, I'm already doing something similar in my application. The issue is when the current settings are removed via Reset(), the previous settings will be upgraded again as there will be no record of Upgrade = false anymore. How can I totally remove the actual previous version setting files? –  redshift5 Jan 29 '13 at 1:52
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Looks like there is no way to do this other than doing it manually yourself. So after a successful upgrade, you can remove the old version manually using file system methods.

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