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I am creating an ets;


I am putting in data in the following formats:


I would like to save each of these as a separate line in a text file. I am attempting this in the following way:

Data = ets:tab2list(myets)

This gives:


I then use io:format to save to file.

However, I wonder if there is a simple way to save myets to a text file without putting a line breaks in the third tuple (with the nested tuples beginning oldsetting and newsetting)?

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Well, a simple printing function should do the trick:

print_list(List, File) ->
   lists:foreach(fun(X) -> io:write(File, X), io:nl(File) end, List).

However, if you just want to save the ets table you can use to_dets/2 (and open it with from_dets/2).

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If you have file device in File, then just execute:

[io:format(File, "~p\n", [I]) || I <- Data].

But if you want to store really big tables, this way is not memory efficient.

And why do you want to store this data? Maybe it is better just to use dets?

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