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Is this another case, where whitespace matters in C++, or is it a compiler bug? Is the following code syntactically correct?

#include <type_traits>

template <bool cond>
using EnableIf = typename std::enable_if<cond, int>::type;

template <int n, EnableIf<n == 1>=0>
void func()

Intel C++ Composer fails to compile it saying: "invalid combination of type specifiers". But add single whitespace in the signature and it compiles just fine:

template <int n, EnableIf<n == 1> =0>
void func()
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Well, it's not supposed to be <n == (1>=0)> –  irrelephant Dec 19 '12 at 11:32
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It's a case where whitespace matters. The compiler will match the biggest symbol it can, so it matches >=. The whitespace causes it to parse as you intended.

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