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What is the extension of screens saver

and How to Set Screen saver from C#??

I have googled it and find this question

but i couldnt understood it very will!! anybody can help me?

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Screen Saver not ServerScreen – Steve Dec 19 '12 at 11:33
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This is the most useful link:

This is very easy, it is an exe file that accept special arguments, to be used by windows, to be configured and previewed and displayed as full screen

as in the article:

Command Line Arguments

As noted in the Introduction, a screen saver receives command-line arguments which informs it which "mode" it should run in. There are three arguments it might be passed in upper or lower case:

/p - Show the screensaver in the screensaver selection dialog box

/c - Show the screensaver configuration dialog box

/s - Show the screensaver full-screen

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