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Can anybody give me introduction to Use EHLAPI32.dll in C# with RUMBA as the emulation vendor. I have to fetch data from a mainframe.

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The following link into the IBM EHLLAPI documentation explains how to send and receive files to and from a mainframe or midrange computer.

Introduction to IBM Standard EHLLAPI, IBM Enhanced EHLLAPI and WinHLLAPI Programming

If you're still needing help on the C# side, there are articles that show how to use EHLLAPI from a C# application. While I couldn't locate one that specifically sends and receives files, the following article and code show how to use EHLLAPI from C#.

Therefore, you can read the following (CodeProject) article to figure out how to use EHLLAPI from C# and then read the IBM docs to understand the semantics of the specific EHLLAPI functionality you are wanting to leverage.

Using EHLLAPI in C#

By the way, this all assumes you're sending/receiving files; not data into a data source (such as an AS/400 database).

If the latter is what you're looking for, I'd probably use ODBC if what you're doing is something fairly basic and you're not needing a lot of advanced functionality (such as two-phase commit, or TPC).

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TS has used the Mainframe tag, so no reason to suspect AS/400, is there? – Bill Woodger Apr 14 '13 at 16:57
True. I'm just used to always saying "mainframe or midrange" when the information applies to either category. – Tom Archer Apr 14 '13 at 23:59
TS may return. From the Mainframe I'd argue for the other way around. File-transfer via FTP/NDM etc, "automation" (if that is what is wanted) through the emulator. We don't like data getting "out" which is not under "our" control :-) The file-transfer on Rumba I'd hope to find diasbled... I'd imagine similar for a Midrange, but no personal experience... – Bill Woodger Apr 15 '13 at 7:42

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