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I want to get information of teacher, by comparing the u.fld_id = ct.fld_teacher_id and if ct.fld_teacher_id is null I will show not assigned yet. But row with null ct.fld_teacher_id does not show up at execution.

Here is my query.

  SELECT ct.fld_id as id, ct.fld_serial, ct.fld_city, ct.fld_venue_name, 
        ct.fld_start_time, ct.fld_end_time, 
        ct.fld_duration, ct.fld_available_seats, 
        ct.fld_course_price, ct.fld_status,
        c.fld_name, u.fld_first_name, u.fld_last_name,
        ct.fld_status, ct.fld_teacher_id, ct.fld_training_name,
        ct.fld_class, ct.fld_level, ct.fld_is_fixed, tt.fld_name as training_type_name
   FROM tbl_course_training as ct, tbl_users as u,
        tbl_courses as c, tbl_training_types as tt
   WHERE c.fld_id = ct.fld_course_id AND u.fld_id = ct.fld_teacher_id AND 
       ct.fld_teacher_id = 'NULL' AND tt.fld_id = ct.fld_training_type_id 
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can you show us some sample data . –  Pranav Dec 19 '12 at 11:57

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I can't sort out your query without knowing the structure. However there are few things I have noticed.

  • You cannot compare null values as ct.fld_teacher_id = 'NULL' (null is not a string)

    ct.fld_teacher_id is null -- Correct way
  • If you need to select even when ct.fld_teacher_id is null then

    u.fld_id = isnull(ct.fld_teacher_id, u.fld_id) --or (sql-server) 
    u.fld_id = ct.fld_teacher_id or ct.fld_teacher_id is null --(my sql or sql-server)
    u.fld_id = COALESCE(ct.fld_teacher_id, u.fld_id)  --(my sql)
  • Also avoid old method of joining tables like From Table1 t1, Table2 t2

    From Table1 t1 JOIN Table2 t2 On t1.Key = t2.Key --Correct way
  • I think you need to have a few Left Joins here. Please check this link to understand how Sql Joins work

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I get teacher detail (name, email, etc) by comparing u.fld = ct.fld_teacher_id, who is teaching the course. Say a course is registered but teacher is not yet assigned. Value in fld_teacher_id will be null. –  Mir Dec 19 '12 at 13:46
@user1863272: You need a left join in that case. Read the above link to understand joins. –  Kaf Dec 19 '12 at 14:02

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