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I need to scrape prices for devices from a website, prices are mentioned as 2 types on the website:

  1. Single Price Eg.$99.99
  2. Price Range Eg. "$49.99" to "$99.99"

Single price values are mentioned under a single class and I am able to extract those values but Price range are mentioned in 2 classes Eg.

<div class="gridPrice">"$199.99" 
 <span class="multiDevicePrice-to">to</span> "$399.99"

Prices mentioned as range are in double quotes while prices as single values are without any quotes.

I am using the following code:

import csv
import urllib2
import sys  
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
page = urllib2.urlopen('').read()
soup = BeautifulSoup(page)
for anchor1 in soup.findAll('div', {"class": "listGrid-price"},text=True):
    if anchor1.string:
        print unicode(anchor1.string).strip()
for anchor2 in soup.findAll('div', {"class": "gridPrice"},text=True):
    if anchor2.string:
        print unicode(anchor2.string).strip()

In output I am not getting values for price-ranges, What I need is list of all prices together.

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You can use the .stripped_strings attribute to get an iterable of all (stripped) text values in a given tag:

for anchor1 in soup.findAll('div', {"class": "listGrid-price"}):
    textcontent = u' '.join(anchor1.stripped_strings)
    if textcontent:
        print textcontent

You may have to select just one or two values of those; itertools.islice could help there:

from itertools import islice

for anchor1 in soup.findAll('div', {"class": "listGrid-price"}):
    textcontent = u' '.join(islice(anchor1.stripped_strings, 0, 3, 2))
    if textcontent:
        print textcontent

The islice call only selects the first and third elements, which are the from and to prices in the grid.

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Thanks man, this is precious. – user1915050 Dec 19 '12 at 13:22

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