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I have a model called User who has a many to many relationship with Interests.

Lets say the join table looks like this:

User ID | Interest ID
   5    |      1

When I edit this user's name (for example) and call user.save, it fails.

The reason it fails is because datamapper (AFAIK) is trying to re-save the relationship with Interests. The error I get is:

duplicate key value violates unique constraint "user_interests_pkey"
DETAIL:  Key (user_id, interest_id)=(5, 1) already exists.

Has anyone experienced this? Anybody know a solution? Thanks in advance for any help.


The User model looks lik:

class User    
  include DataMapper::Resource

  has n, :interests, :through => Resource, :constraint => :skip  

Whereas the Interest model looks like:

class Interest
  include DataMapper::Resource

  has n, :users, :through => Resource, :constraint => :skip
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If you just want the code to run put the user.save in a


If you really want to solve the problem you should be a little more verbous. Is this a HABTM association? The association specification would also be helpfull.

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I've added the model relationship specification - its a many to many relationship as mentioned in the original question. Thanks! –  Ger Dec 19 '12 at 14:18

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