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I have main Route flow:

<view-state id="addRoute" model="route">

    <transition on="editBlock" to="editBlock" validate="false" bind="true">


<subflow-state id="editBlock" subflow="block">


By clicking on editBlock button I want to go over to Block Flow and edit Block.

I want to make it as Subflow.

Block Flow:

    <set name="" value=""/>
    <evaluate expression="new java.util.ArrayList()" result="flowScope.attributes"/>
    <evaluate expression="new java.util.ArrayList()" result="flowScope.visibility"/>
    <set name="flowScope.folderId" value="requestParameters.folderId"/>
    <set name="flowScope.path" value="requestParameters.path"/>
    <evaluate expression="folderBean.treeAsMap" result="flowScope.tree" />

How to send parameters from the main Flow into Subflow? I need to provide 3 params:

id, folderId and path as stated above.

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in your Block FLow, you can put:

<input name="id"/>
<input name="folderId"/>
<input name="path"/>

and then in your Route Flow you can use it this way:

<subflow-state id="editBlock" subflow="block">
    <input name="id" value=""/>
    <input name="folderId" value="flowScope.folderId"/>
    <input name="path" value="flowScope.path"/>

also, if you call your Block Flow with parameters id=123&folderId=456&path=path then these parameters will be automatically mapped to the inputs with the same name which are set in the flowScope. So you won't need these set elements in you <on-start> anymore.

also FYI you can use <input name="visibility" type="java.util.ArrayList"/> and <input name="tree" value="folderBean.treeAsMap"/> and get rid of your <on-start> completely.

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flowScope is accessible only inside particular Flow, we need conversationFlow – shevchyk Dec 20 '12 at 9:50
why, do you need these variables afterwards in your Route Flow? I don't really understand why my answer doesn't work for you – rptmat57 Dec 20 '12 at 14:43

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