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My kohana 3.3 site contains page, which I implemented like:

$block_center = 'here is html form';
$this->template->block_center = array($block_center);

Of course, I used constructions like View::factory(' .. ')->bind ... - doesn't matters (result is the same).

When running site on xampp v3.0.12, It works correctly. But when I run it on hosting (Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) PHP/5.3.8) - the fun starts:
Four unexpected symbols appear on top of the page before html tag (for example: 5aeb) and after /html in bottom of the page appears 0.
When I reduce the amount of html code (in "block_center"), symbols are changing (seems like diminishing) to 2469, 22b4 and so on. And if I leave nearly ten lines of code, unexpected symbols disappear.

Can anybody help me recognize the reason of this unexpected output in kohaha? Thanks in advance.

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Check your HTTP protocol headers. It seems like Kohana uses HTTP/1.1 by default, while your server not. Just compare $_SERVER['SERVER_PROTOCOL'] and HTTP headers (with firebug for example). Note that you can set/get protocol value with Request::protocol() and Response::protocol().

These links may be helpful: 1, 2

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