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The situation: i'm coding a COM-interface looking like

IFace : IUnknown
  STDMETHOD_(void, Foo)(int param) PURE;

The interface is supposed to be used only inside my project, in few compilation units, not supposed to be placed in an idl-file. int param is supposed to be used in logical-"OR" way

IFace* p;
p->Foo( param1 | param2 | param3 );

The list of param values is statically predefined and not supposed to be modified during the program execution.

The question is: how to define the list of params? The IFace interface description should be placed in a file already containing many-many interfaces descriptions (hard legacy), this file is included in many places across the whole project. So, i'd like to have definition of param list inside the interface class itself.

IFace : IUnknown
  /*somehow define list of param for Foo here*/

  STDMETHOD_(void, Foo)(int param) PURE;

And use it in a way Foo( IFace::param1 | IFace::param2 );. I think about to make param list as static const variables, but i don't like the idea to place variables in interface-class. I can't make it with enum, because i need it with logical-OR.

Any good advices on this situation besides full reorganization of include files?

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Are you sure that you can't you use enums? The example usage you have shown is a bitwise OR, not a logical OR. Enums will work fine in this case. – Peter Ruderman Dec 19 '12 at 21:07

You can use enums:

IFace : IUnknown
    enum { Param1 = 0x1, Param2 = 0x2, Param3 = 0x4, Param4 = 0x8 ... etc.

    STDMETHOD_(void, Foo)(int param) PURE;
// usage
Foo( IFace::Param1 | IFace::Param2 );

You can add a combination of params:

enum { Param1 = 0x1, Param2 = 0x2, Param1_and_2 = Param1 | Param2, ... etc.
Foo( IFace::Param1_and_2 );
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Unfortunately the number of combinations will grow very fast with every new parameter. – fogbit Dec 19 '12 at 13:09
Ok. Do not use combinations in enum. Or use only very frequent ones. E.g. (for open file mode) - ReadOnly = 0x1, TextMode = 0x2. ReadOnlyText = 0x3, WriteOnly = 0x4 Do not combine ReadOnly and WriteOnly – borisbn Dec 19 '12 at 13:27
It doesn't matter that there are a lot of combinations. N enum values can generate 2^N combinations. – Hans Passant Dec 19 '12 at 13:32

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