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I've found on GitHub a good working example for ember-data under and try to extend it by nested resource ('has_many: comments'). In the original example a new transaction is created every time the edit view is on and it is submitted/rolled back if the edit mode is leaved.

I wand to add a new comment into content.comments I can't do it and have the error because the 'content' is already in transaction (Error: assertion failed: Once a record has changed, you cannot move it into a different transaction).

Is the idea I try to realize wrong and I must take another way?

App.EditContactController = Em.Controller.extend({
  content: null,

  addComment: function () {
    // ERROR here:
    this.get('content.comments').addObject(App.Comment.createRecord({body: ''}));

  enterEditing: function() {
    this.transaction = this.get('store').transaction();
    if (this.get('')) {
    } else {
      this.set('content', this.transaction.createRecord(App.Contact, {}));

  exitEditing: function() {
    if (this.transaction) {
      this.transaction = null;

  updateRecord: function() {
    // commit and then clear the transaction (so exitEditing doesn't attempt a rollback)
    this.transaction = null;
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I think you could take inspiration from what I did:

Perhaps simply doing this.get('content.comments').createRecord({body: ''}) will work. This call refers to the ManyArray.createRecord(), and use the transaction of the owner of the relationship to create the new record. see

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