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Please help us to figure out with noindex directive.

We have online store and category:


This links shows all products that belonging to doorbells category

  • (Page title: Buy Doorbells)

But I also have filters for doorbells category that works this way:

  • (filter1=Type)
  • (v1=Plastic)
  • (v2=Metal)
  • (v3=Wireless)

By default our shopping software in case using of filter1 places to the this page <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> directive. I even do not know why? (if someone know please explain)

We do not want to just generate pages like:


Because it will be not real categories.

But we want to have my filter pages to be indexed and titles going to be:

  • (Page title: Buy Metal Doorbells)


  • (Page title: Buy Metal Doorbells)


  • (Page title: Buy Wireless Doorbells)

Please note that filter1 and filter2 (Colors) can have up 20 variables beside they can be used together "filter1=v3&filter2=v1". In this case title will be like this:

  • (Page title: Buy Black Metal Doorbells)

My questions is: Could we remove noindex directive from filter pages to let it be indexed and is does comply to Google, Yahoo, Bing SEO usage and what is the best implement can be in our case? Thank you in advance!

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