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I'm trying to create an IObservable from the following event:

public delegate bool Handle<in T>(T obj, Foo foo);

 event Handle<Bar> Finance;

Any suggestions on how to properly create the observable?

Note, neither Foo nor Bar is based on EventArgs


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+1 for Handle<Bar>. Hilarious –  JJS Nov 7 '14 at 18:14

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You can try something like:

public class Test
    public delegate void Handle<in T>(T obj, Foo foo);

    public event Handle<Bar> Finance;

public static class TestEx
    static IObservable<Tuple<Bar, Foo>> WhenFinanceChanged(this Test t)
        return Observable.Create<Tuple<Bar, Foo>>(observer =>
            Test.Handle<Bar> handler = (obj, foo) => observer.OnNext(Tuple.Create<Bar, Foo>(obj, foo));
            t.Finance += handler;
            return Disposable.Create(() => t.Finance -= handler);
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