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I have a couple of CSVs that are over 1GB and will not open in Excel. There are 5 fields for each row. I need to compare 3 of these fields (name, size, modified date) and keep all but 1 of the duplicates. And delete the unique fields as well.

If that isn't possible, then I need to move all but 1 of the duplicates into another file (the file will then be used to determine which files I need to delete)

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what have you tried, where are you getting stuck? –  Marcus Dec 19 '12 at 14:59
Not a whole lot so far. I keep finding -unique (which won't work in this case... or would it using a sort...?) and code to keep the current date (but most of my dates are duplicates) –  User_1403834 Dec 19 '12 at 15:14

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Create a hash table. Read the file row-by-row. Catenate the relevant fields as a key. Check if the key exists in the hash table. If it does, you got a duplicate row. If it doesn't, you got (first occurence of) unique a row. Add it to the hash table and record the row to another a file.

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