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I was using the typed redis client for some replay tests just yesterday with a small DTO:

public class OrderDto
  public int OrderNo;
  public double Subtotal;
  public double Total;

This was working just fine with the serializer (which I assume defaults to a json serializer in the redis client). I would get something like this in redis:


Now when I expanded it to something like this:

public class CalcOrderDto
    public int OrderNo;
    public double MerchandiseQuantity;
    public double MerchandiseGross;
    public double MerchandiseAdjustment;
    public double MerchandiseTaxable;
    public double MerchandiseNet;
    public double MerchandiseTaxesTotal;

    public double ShippingQuantity;
    public double ShippingGross;
    public double ShippingAdjustment;
    public double ShippingTaxable;
    public double ShippingNet;
    public double ShippingTaxesTotal;

    public double FinalQuantity;
    public double FinalGross;
    public double FinalAdjustment;
    public double FinalTaxable;
    public double FinalNet;
    public double FinalTaxesTotal;

Now I only get this:


My question is why !? This is a problem in another web service project as well, and so there I only serve up XML at the moment. Please help.

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Try using properties instead of fields.

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