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I have list of elements on my page


I want to select each input that sits before each span, and after do, whatever i will have to. Is there any available ways to do that?

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Use prev() to select the previous input of any given span:


If you're trying to select all previous inputs of all spans in 1 selector try this:



$("span").prev("input").css("background-color", "pink");​
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thanks, this is exactly what i needed. But is there any simple way to do this to each of spans in my DOM? –  sanny Sin Dec 19 '12 at 15:46
$("span").prev("input") should select all span elements on the DOM and then select all of their previous input elements –  hunter Dec 19 '12 at 15:47

You have to use .prev()

ex :

$('span').prev("input")  //this is input element
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Use .parent() or .parents('.selector').first()


OR without jQuery

var el = document.getElementById('id');

AHH, previous-element... Ok, now you have an answer. Further there is a method


If you want the prev-prev element do so

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It's not that easy to define which one should be the first, I suggest go with set tabindex for each of them, and then with that using that as a selector you can always easily grab the previous one or next one

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