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I'm still somehow new to android and I've struggled a bit to find a place where I can have an overview of available 3rd party platform sdks for android, such as: facebook SDK, onecloud sdk (for using box.com), AWS Sdk (for using Amazon Web Services) and so on.

I was looking for some resource equivalent to the API listing you can retrieve from Programmable Web API directory but for available SDKs for Android. I understand that actually most of the APIs listed on the API directory above can be accessed by android using XMPP, REST, etc. But I am looking specifically on what is already packaged through a SDK which does not only hides the networking part, but may implement caching or other convenient features.

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Actually, I just found a very good overview of available sdks and libraries for Android in the AppBrain website. If someone knows a better resource, please share

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Check here , There is a list but you can find new libraries every day. Always search for them and have a look at programming forums.

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