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I have a QGraphicsLinearLayout with a series of QGraphicsWidgets within. I can hide the widgets just fine, but the layout spaces out all of the remaining widgets as if the hidden ones are still visible. How can I get the layout to use this space?

My code is something like this:

//scene is a QGraphicsScene*, myWidget# inherits QGraphicsWidget

//then later, I call

But although myWidget2 is now invisible, the layout is still spaced as though it were there. How can I change that?


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Try calling QGraphicsLinearLayout::invalidate() to clear any cached geometry information after hiding the widget. If that doesn't help I would assume that removing the widget from the layout (if that is feasible for you) should do it.

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Invalidating the layout didn't seem to do anything, but removing the widgets from the layout works pretty well. I'm still seeing some gaps in some conditions, but I think it's due to my own logic. Thanks. –  Brianide Dec 19 '12 at 20:45
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I think you are loking for QWidget::findChild<T>(Qstring name)
name - an object name which can be set with QObject::setObjectName(Qstring name)
T - is a type of an object you are loking for.
so in your case code should look like:

MyWidget* myWidget1 = new MyWidget(this);
MyWidget* requiredWidget=scene->findChild<MyWidget*>("myWidget1");
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