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I am trying to do a simple push using Mercurial however I get the following response within DOS/cmd:

hg push
pushing to
http authorization required
realm: Mercurial Repository
user: name
searching for changes
abort: error: ''

The password is in lowercase and correctly entered - can anyone suggest why this problem is occuring?

I've done the following command:

hg push --debug --traceback

It goes through a number of files and at the end states the following error:

URLError: <urlopen error ''>
abort: error: ''

Any ideas?

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Weird.. after a few more attempts of doing a hg push -v --debug --traceback it worked perfectly fine... no idea why it happened, I am guessing some odd timeout issues with the remote server.

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some official tips at 17. Diagnose "abort: Error" messages

  1. disable cgitb in hgweb on the server
  2. run with --debug --traceback on the client
  3. check the error logs on the server

While going through the same issue, hg server restart worked for me (I had no permission to hack on server).

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