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I have a TabBar Controller with two ViewControllers (A and B) and would like to change the font size of the two Tab Bar Items. When the first tab A ViewController is loaded, I can change the tab item font size using [self tabBarItem] setTitleTextAttribute.

However, how would I reference the tab bar item of the ViewController B from A so I can change the font as well?

Thanks in advance!

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You have a reference to the other viewController(s) through self.tabbarController.viewControllers

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Awesome, thanks! –  user998066 Dec 19 '12 at 16:48

You can add a singleton: Shared Instancesfor the UITabBar and get the single reference or you can create a class that has two UIViewControllers and their accompanying UITabBars and just call them as class variables. I don't really like singletons but it boils down to preference and data model of your app.

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Like @andershqst stated self.tabbarController.viewControllers. I maintain an enum for my tabs.

typedef enum SICOTabIndexes {
} SICOTabIndexes;

I then can use controller.tabBarController.viewControllers[kSICOTabIndexHome] to get a particular view controller.

UIViewController *homeController = controller.tabBarController.viewControllers[kSICOTabIndexHome]

At that point, use homeController.tabBarItem to make the changes you need.

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