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I'm trying to create a search with Splunk that will allow me to have only the results during non working ours. I mean, Splunk to filter out from the logs all the events that occur from 8am to 5am.

Currently, the query I'm using is: earliest=-1mon so I get all the events from last month, but I only need those events that occurred outside working hours.

Is it possible?

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There are probably multiple ways of doing this in Splunk. Below is one. I am extracting the hour field (24 hour format) into c_time and then limiting my results to ones that are between 8p and 5a. You can specify other filters like earliest and latest to be more specific. Hope this helps.

... | convert timeformat="%H" ctime(_time) AS c_time | search c_time>= 20 c_time<= 05


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