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I have a FlowLayoutPanel, which I want to update with ProgressBars from a list of IDs (strings) and position of the current progressbars (integers). This List I'll call list a.

The FlowLayoutPanel.Controls should be compared to the list a:

  • If new IDs are detected, there should be created a new Control in the FlowLayoutPanel.Controls collection with that ID (name).
  • If a Control in the FlowLayoutPanel.Controls collection doesn't have a corresponding name in the list a, it should be removed and disposed.
  • Controls which are on both collections should be updated (Progress of the ProgressBar from an integer from list a)

What troubles me is that the FlowLayoutPanel.Controls collection doesn't have as many methods as the generic list, and so I can't really follow any guides from the internet.

Can you help me how I should do this?


EDIT: Reply to DJ KRAZE comment: I have made something similar with lists, but as I said, Control collections don't have some of the methods as Lists does. Here is my code (May not work, I rewrote it to make it easier to understand):

// Remove Old

// Make a new list of IDs, where none of the IDs from myList1 can be found in myList2
var remove = myList1.Where(f => !myList2.Any(g => g == f.ID));

//Do some operation for the object which is about to get removed
foreach (Object obj in remove)
    // Some operation           
// remove from list
myList1.RemoveAll(i => remove.Contains(i));

//Remove Duplicates

// Remove Duplicates from myList2, so only the remaining object are to be started
myList2.RemoveAll(f => myList2.Any(g => g.ID == f));

// Add remaining objects from myList2 to myList1

foreach(Object obj in myList2)
// add to myList1 and do some operation, like starting it
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what code do you have currently to show how you are trying to compare the collection items..? –  DJ KRAZE Dec 19 '12 at 16:18
#DJ KRAZE I posted my old code in my question. –  Janman Dec 19 '12 at 16:36

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The controls collection of the FlowLayoutPanel (and of other container controls as well) does not implement IEnumerable<T> but only the non-generic IEnumerable. Therfore convert IEnumerable to IEnumerable<T> with the Cast<T> exension method. Then you can use all the plenty of LINQ:

     .Where(c => c.Name == "...")

Note: Most LINQ extension methods extend IEnumerable<T>.

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Ah. That makes sense. Let me just try it, and then I'll report back if it helped! –  Janman Dec 19 '12 at 19:27

Include System.Linq for all the extension methods.

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I do have that included, but the Control collection still seems to have far less methods than generic list –  Janman Dec 19 '12 at 16:35

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