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I have a segmentation fault while running an LLVM pass. I need to use BBterminators array outside the iterating "for" loop for basic blocks. It seems that LLVM does not protect the addresses (note: TerminatorInst *BasicBlock::getTerminator()) when iterating through the loop, so I need to keep BBterminators in a variable of type Instruction, not Instruction *. How can I copy the entire Instructions into BBterminators?

for (Function::iterator II = F.begin(), EE = F.end(); II != EE; ++II, ++ii)
BasicBlock* BB = (dyn_cast<BasicBlock>(II));

if (BB->getTerminator())
    Instruction *current = BB->getTerminator();

    Instruction *previous = current->getPrevNode();

    if (current->getOpcode() == Instruction::Br) 
        BBterminators[ii] = current;

where Instruction **BBterminators = new Instruction *[100];

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I'm not sure what you mean by "protecting" here. Iterating over BBs and looking at their terminators certainly doesn't invalidate the instruction pointers, so you can keep them as long as you're safe not to remove anything. In any case, you can also copy Instruction* objects by calling clone (note that Instruction is non-copyable with copy ctor and assignment operator by design). Something like this:

virtual bool runOnFunction(Function &F) {
  std::vector<Instruction*> terminators;
    for (Function::iterator bb = F.begin(), bb_e = F.end(); bb != bb_e; ++bb) {

Don't forget to release your vector of copies once you're done with it.

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Introducing a condition

if ( !(II->empty()) && II->back().isTerminator() )

before of computations

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